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Decision Optimisation

Free for 30 Days

Optimise your Decisions

£11.50 / 10 Users

£23.00 / 20 Users

£57.50 / 50 Users

This service includes:                        

1,000's of Questions

Multiple Pathways

Fully integrated tasks

Ultralow cost - High value

Explanations and Guidance

Challenges and Opportunities

Alternate definitions

Audio and visual support

Collaboration tools


Simple interface

Kanban, schedule and list view

Unlimited task allocation

Sales Optimisation

Free for 30 Days 

Optimise your Sales 

£50 / 10 users

£100 / 20 users

£250 / 50 users

Includes Decision Pathways and Integrated task features, plus:

1,000's of Sales Questions


App integrations

Data focus view

Library of analysis prespectives

Sales focused questions

Tailored Sales Pathways

Multiple perspectives

Unlimited data uploads

Business Optimisation

Free for 30 Days

Optimise your business

£75 / 10 users

£150 / 20 users

£375 / 50 users

Includes Sales Optimisation features, plus: 

1,000's of Business Questions

Unprecedented Data Analysis

Essential business vital signs

Tailored Business Pathways

Unlimited perspective library

Business Optimisation Pro

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£100 / 10 users

£200 / 20 users

£500 / 50 users

Includes Business Optimisation features plus:

Artificial intelligence

Deep data dives

Additional pathways

Full spectrum insights

*Monthly contracts can be cancelled from the start of the following month. Annual can be cancelled after the first 12 month use with 60 days- notice There are no additional charges for Cloud use