Helps you make better plans, stronger decisions, then supports changes, giving clarity and control

Decision Optimisation

Afinitis Decision Optimisatioin is a completely new way of leading, facilitating meetings, managing, team collaboration, improving productivity, ownership and team motivation to drive results.

Somewhere between the top 10 list of things to do and the full functionality of detailed Project Management software that can take too much time and energy, there is a need for a faster way to capture everyone’s experience, consider options and define improvement actions.

The power is the flying start you get to every meeting, and the control you have in following through to get things done.

Pathways start by linking the key challenges and opportunities you’re facing right now with instantly allocated incisive business questions, drawn from 250 years of front line experience. Pathways are a series of structured questions that prompt deeper thinking and challenge current approaches leading to specific actions for improvement. They are the questions you would ask if only you had time to think things through properly – a flying start – presented through a wide range of context headings and in a manner that stimulates not just your ideas but also captures the front line experience of your team.

  • Move quickly when leading staff activity regardless of where people are, with you in the room or working remotely
  • Add or amend the questions to suit your own highly specific needs should you wish and then, with your team, allocate actions using our integrated tasks
  • Work with a variety of views switching from one to another instantly, by tasks due, by allocated owner, by each pathway or project that you create
  • Easily support, monitor progress and understand exactly where things are at on a day by day basis
  • Afinitis Decision Optimisation is for Business Directors, Leaders, Managers, anyone looking to improve team collaboration and results

Afinitis Decision Optimisation brings to collaboration working a completely new way of positively supporting productivity, ownership, motivation and of driving results.

  • Support communication
  • Record Notes
  • Agree ways forward
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Allocate actions
  • Monitor and Manage Progress 

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