Manage your Business through the Pandemic and beyond

Business Optimisation

With an estimated 30% of businesses either not opening again or failing over the next year, the pandemic has caused a truly global disaster. As the majority of people battle to come to terms with the impact of the virus few have yet realised how precariously intricate global economy has now become. Remaining businesses will likely lose not just one order or customer but potentially 50% of their previous sales. The impacts are hitting businesses of all kinds at every level.

As such, we have developed a holistic Business Optimisation service using Pathways, Analysis and Tasks to help you gain full control of your business



Decision Pathways are like having your very own online coach with preset topics and specially designed questions to facilitate and stimulate thought process and ideas, which help you to discover the best next actions to take   


Shows vital signs and key performance indicators all in one place. It is easy to read and manipulate, and is updated every night based on your activity


Fully integrated and up to date every day, tasks can be allocated to individuals, grouped by work element or shown as an overview for the pathway leader

Afinitis Business Optimisation with integrated Pathways and Tasks is a fully automated Business Intelligence service set within a powerful yet easy to use frame work to help you engage your specific knowledge to identify and implement actions that will drive greater results.

It’s a completely new way of leading, facilitating meetings, managing, team collaboration, improving productivity, ownership and team motivation to drive results.

Has your business been hit hard by the turbulence of Covid trading conditions? Clearly it’s vital to maximize income as we continue to be constrained by difficult trading conditions. See with accuracy what is happening to your sales and order profiles on a day by day basis so you can act early, turn around blockages and maximize every opportunity.

Afinitis Sales Optimisation is for business owners and leaders, sales directors and managers that want to give themselves every chance of success and need to do so with minimum cost. We provide a fully automated service by analyzing your data every single day. You get the ability to understand in depth and to explore options with exceptional analysis views that normally can costs many thousands per month.

We have worked hard to help SMC business leaders to be able to see with total accuracy what’s going on with every single client, by market, by product and by many other essential perspectives.

Imagine – having a 100% factually based accurate and customizable Dashboard of vital areas of sales performance available – updated every day – so that you can get early notice of movements and absences, overall activity and of the drivers behind them

Imagine – having absolute clarity of sales trends and behaviors shown against the previous two years – updated daily enabling you to understand in fine detail what is happening with every customer against their individual trends and behaviors

Imagine – having a guided approach to all of the key aspects of managing your sales challenges in a way that can be easily communicated with staff, tasks assigned and progress monitored – updated every single day

Imagine – giving your business a better chance to survive, to recover, to prosper over the months and years ahead – because you can see what is happening right across your customer based and can react quickly to changes, opportunities and challenges



Sales Optimisation


Starting from £50 per month

Up and running within 24 hours