Your Trusted Advisor Platform

Move Faster into Business Advice

More clients. More surety. Greater understanding

Successful Trusted Advisors are finding agility is vital in the quest for client value

Clients’ needs are urgent.

Trading conditions are extremely tough …

· Higher cost of money
· Volatile exchange rates
· Uncertain lines of supply
· Increasing competition
· Soaring costs of energy
· Tight skill availability
· Changing administrative needs
· Tighter discretionary spend

Introducing – The Afinitis Trusted Advisor Platform

Everything on Your Desktop to Deliver Leading Edge Business Advice.

When we meet we will show you the power of the Afinitis platform.
Remember we can run your client’s data meaning you stay a step
ahead (with permission of course).


Designed to give you control and unique insight to your clients’ businesses


A highly automated portfolio of added value services to flow through the majority of clients


Simultaneous delivery, for every key role, without the need for expensive new staff

Afinitis Enables Leading Edge Business Advice
Whilst Maintaining Control

Afinitis is specifically designed to put Trusted Advisors in control.

The platform enables you to deliver high value services that flow through to clients with minimal additional work. You will have the ability to log into automated headlines supported by detail down to every sku for every client environment. Business led Dashboards, Insights and Reports presented in context for the major business challenges being faced. All supplemented by a vast Library of alternative views – at your finger tips without leaving your desk.

Our Services

Afinitis provides what’s needed to understand trading patterns
that yield multiple insight and improvement opportunities..

Understanding trading flows motivates activity in many areas:

Sales profiles
Dates, products, service groups, customers, geographies and more

Stock groups
Supplier profiles, payment timings, client types and geographies

Cash management
With opportunity to release multiple improvements

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We would like to show you the Afinitis Trusted Advisor Platform, it may well change your approach forever. Ask us how Afinitis will support your clients’ digital transformational journeys.